Floating dragon hold and spin

Floating Dragon Hold And Spin is a popular online casino game, you will be able to take on the role of a beautiful princess who is looking for her knight in shining armor, in order to rescue her kidnapped prince from a band of evil dragon riders. This is one of the most well designed games and it really captures the imagination of the players. The main character has the ability to float and attack all by herself which makes her seem very tricky as well as interesting. As a result, more people are trying out this unique online slot game where they can win big amount of money in no time at all!

In order to play the game, you need to select the “xongeon” icon present on your screen. This will bring out the screen with a variety of icons, which have different symbols and pictures. These will help you in identifying which icon represents what you are looking for. The next thing that you need to do is select the “fish money” icon present on your screen. This will cause the screen to display different icons that include; a crane, an eagle, a fish, a dragon, a horse, and a lion. After selecting any of the fish icons, you will be required to press the space bar in order to send a series of fish to your opponents.

The main aim of the player is to launch these fish to their opponents, where they will become spinners and stop moving for a specific period of time. If these fishes are successfully launched into their opponents, they will become stuck and be unable to move anymore. You will notice that the dragon reels will start moving after a certain period of time. In this particular slot machine game, you are not required to use reels; you can simply use the wild symbols that are present on the screen. Pressing the space bar once more will send these symbols on the screen and you will eventually achieve winning the game.