Gates of olympus

Experience the Might of the Greek gods in the Greek themed Gates of Olympus slot machine. This add-on to the standard Pragmatic Play pack comes with 5 rows and 6 reels. On the left of the screen, you can see the Greek god of music, Apollo. Next to him, on the far left, you can see the priestess of Aphrodite, Artemis.

Set against the backdrop of a storm-tossed island paradise, Olympus and its allied islands lay in ruins – yet to be restored, the once thriving city is in dire need of an all-out get-together. That’s where Cupid comes in. He crashes a ball into the temple doors, triggering a flood of colorful balloons and a string of melodious music to cheer up the residents. Apollo’s warm voice encourages the citizens to rise up and take part in the celebration, declaring that only by joining together will they achieve anything worthwhile. Players can choose from one of two different icons as the goddesses for this particular slot machine – Goddess Diana or Apollo.

Now, if you’re playing with the standard version of this popular casino game, you’ll notice that the payout on this fun new icon is relatively low. This is understandable; it is only one icon compared to that of Apollo, who is considered to be a much stronger icon and therefore, commands a higher payout. If you’re just starting out on the low end, don’t worry; with time and experience, you can eventually graduate up to stronger icons like Apollo, who can offer much better payouts when played correctly. Playing the game with the default settings is the recommended way to go, however, as this will help you gain the most amount of XP and jackpots possible.