Hot to burn hold and spin

Hot To Burn Hold and Spin is a highly addictive game on slots which has a simple concept but it’s very intense as well. You are probably familiar with Hot To Burn – another highly popular online casino game. Hot To Burn is an exciting new slot game that gives players the opportunity to make money instantly by betting real money on colored symbols on the reels. Now, the developers have added a Hot To Burn Spin Option to Hot To Burn and you, the player, get to experience the same thrill and excitement as the original version but at your own casino!

Like Hot To Burn, players can win cash and prizes instantly by betting real money on symbols on the Hot To Burn reels. The icons land on the reels in the same way as they do in Hot To Burn, offering prizes of up to 500x the initial bet if you win. The bonus round known as the Hold And Spin Option revolves around all the three money icons which can take any number from a pre-determined range, thereby making the entire game a very fast moving game. Cover the whole screen with flaming suns or fiery diamonds, switch the big money round on and watch your winnings catch fire!

If you have played Hot To Burn, then you know that the Hot To Burn Hold And Spin Option is a great way of winning huge amounts of money instantly! It takes just a few minutes for the icon to appear on the screen, enabling you to place a call to action. For every ten calls made, one bonus icon is given away. Using the Hot To Burn option repeatedly will rapidly raise your score and your bankroll, allowing you to build a fortune very quickly. Use the icons to gain advantage over your opponents by making a lot of bets with small winnings, while setting up your bankroll on easy winnings with the easy to use coins that are found on the Hot To Burn website.